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Staff of the ÖVSV Umbrella Organisation

Ing. Michael Zwingl, OE3MZC
Tel. 01/9992132,
E-Mail oe3mzc
Vice Presidents
Norbert Amann, OE9NAI
E-Mail oe9nai
Michael Kastelic, OE1MCU
E-Mail oe1mcu

Honorary President
Dr. Ronald Eisenwagner, OE3REB
E-Mail oe3reb

Contact with Radio Authorities   
Reinhard Siegert 
E-Mail ofmb
Robert Thenmayer, OE1RTB 
E-Mail oe1rtb

Vice Treasurer
Alex Wagner, OE3DMA 
E-Mail oe3dma


qsp Editorial Staff 
Ing. Michael Seitz, OE1SSS
E-Mail qsp
Onlineshop (Merchandise)
Karin Seitz
International QSL Manager
Robert Graf, OE4RGC
E-Mail qsl
Werner Pazmann, OE3IPC
E-Mail oe3ipc

Christoph Vogl, OE3ICU
E-Mail oe3icu

National QSL Manager 
Gerhard Elsigan, OE3GEA
E-Mail qsl
VHF Manager
Thomas Ostermann, OE7OST
E-Mail ukw
VHF Contest Manager
Franz Koci, OE3FKS,
Tel. 0664/2647469
E-Mail ukw-contest

HF Manager
Ing. Claus Stehlik, OE6CLD
Tel. 0676/5529016,
E-Mail kw
HF Contest Manager, Contact-IARU
Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Kritzer, OE8KDK
Tel. 01/9992132-20
E-Mail hf-contest
Microwave Manager 
Wolfgang Höth, OE4WOG
Tel.  0650/22 53 608
E-Mail oe4wog
CW Manager
Herbert Lafer
E-Mail cw
Wolfgang Bachschwell, OE1WBS
E-Mail rundspruch


Youth mentoring
David Reiter, OE5DFL
E-Mail jugend
Emergency Communucations Manager
Gregor Vehzely , OE1VGC
E-Mail notfunk
Digital Communications
Bernhard Kröll, OE7BKH
E-Mail oe7bkh
Digital Speechcommunications
Ing. Kurt Baumann, OE1KBC
E-Mail oe1kbc
Karl Lichtenecker, OE3KLU
E-Mail aprs
Ing. Manfred Belak, OE3BMA
E-Mail echolink
Intruder Watch
Gerhard Schweidler, OE3GSA 
E-Mail bandwacht
Amateur Direction Finding
Ing. Harald Gosch, OE6GC
Tel. 0676/6801596
E-Mail peilen
Satellite Communications Manager
Ing. Robert Kiendl, OE6RKE
E-Mail sat
Diploma Manager
Richard Kritzer, OE8RZS              
E-Mail diplom
Amateur  Televisions Manager
Ing. Max Meisriemler, OE5MLL
E-Mail atv
Media Contact
E-Mail presse
EDP – Subunit Club
Ing. Reinhard Hawel, MSc., OE1RHC
E-Mail oe1rhc
EDP – Subunit Server
Ing. Johannes Wagner, OE3OCC
E-Mail oe3occ
EMI Manager
Dipl.Ing.(FH) Ernst Wimmer, OE3BEW
E-Mail emv
Legal Adviser
Dr. Anton Ullmann, OE5UAL
E-Mail recht
DXCC Field Checker
Andreas Schmid-Zartner, OE1AZS
E-Mail dxcc
Hellmuth Hödl, OE3DHS
Michael Steiner, OE1MSB
E-Mail rp
Newcomer Affairs
Mike Wedl, OE2WAO
E-Mail newcomer
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