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The National Umbrella Organisation of ÖVSV

The task of the National Umbrella Organisation is to represent ÖVSV internationally, in the IARU, and to maintain contact with amateur organisations of neighbouring countries and the competent ministries and federal authorities of the Republic of Austria.

The National Umbrella Organisation of ÖVSV is governed by the Presidency, which includes the President, two Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, and the Executive Committee, which consists of the heads of the provincial associations and of the head of the Austrian Military Radio Society (AMRS).

Two auditors are also member of the team, to which individual experts or expert committees may be invited. Currently, the auditors are OE 3 DHS, Hellmuth Hödl, and Dr. Diethart Sorger, OE 6 SIG - E-Mail rp


The members of the ÖVSV Executive Committee
Link: The Presidency and the Executive Committee

The Staff of the ÖVSV
Link: List of participating individuals




The Facilities of the Umbrella Organisation

We meet Wednesdays at around 1800 hrs LT.
Just drop in and find out more about the structure of ÖVSV!



The Provincial Associations

The nine provincial associations and the Austrian Military Radio Society (AMRS are organised locally and in their respective districts, see Austrian District Locators (ADL). Each association has its own head and a presidency similar to the setup of the umbrella organisation. The main task of the provincial associations is to care for their members and to represent the ÖVSV vis-à-vis the provincial authorities, and, in the case of AMRS, vis-à-vis the Austrian MoD.


ÖVSV Contact Addresses
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